An organisation shouldn’t be quick to  turn down a complaint from a customer but should see it as an invaluable feedback. Complaints from customers is a great way to check for loopholes in your service or product. It is advisable you streamline the number of complaints you get and focus on the major ones.

Ways to Manage complaints

Effective communication with customers: being transparent to customers is necessary. As a business owner you need to understand how to empathize with your customers. One important communication skill every business owner should possess is listening. You are supposed to make your customers feel heard and understood. When a new development is about to arise you should be the first to communicate with them and don’t wait til they begin complaining before you communicate.

Keeping record:

Take into documentation all your products. This is efficient in dealing with orders. Once your documentation is accurate, you track the peak of your sales for the year and compare with the previous year, then you take note of the developments that has taking place, examining the following: 

The months slow in sales.

What was the reason behind the slow sales? 

The moths with the rush.

What was the driving force behind the rush? Could it be a promo you did, black friday, a discount sales, a referral contest, valentines day, mothers day, etc..?

What product sold out the most and how quickly did it?


Product photo and description:

It is very annoying to place an order for goods seen online and get something different. Of course this would immediately lead to a negative review. When giving a product description always make sure it is perfect and the photo should be right. If an upgrade to the product has to be done, then it is necessary you update the description and photo also so as to avoid disappointing your customers.

User-friendly website:

Your website shouldn’t give non-tech savvy users problem to navigate through. To ensure this, consider the following:

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly for customers who make use of their phones more often.

Make sure it is compatible for users with slow internet. Delay in loading a page can lead to the loss of interest.

Speed up the checkout process by increasing the effectiveness of the checkout flow.