Below are strategic ways, which have proven to be very helpful, to getting new customers for your business. 

1. Solicitation of referrals: 

Customer loyalty comes into play here. You have to build loyal customers who will kindly refer you to potential new customers, but you shouldn’t hesitate to solicit for referrals outside your customer-based circle. Meet with your colleagues, friends, and families, asking them to refer you also. Always try to send follow-up emails to inquire about the customer’s satisfaction after patronizing you, after making sure they are truly satisfied, don’t hesitate to follow-up with another email asking for their referrals. You can entice them with offers if they make referrals. 

2. Networking: 

One other way to gain customers is to meet new people. Having new contacts only mean that you have more potential clients. When you meet these people, do no fail to advertise what you do, this is a way of creating awareness about you type of business. When you attend events it is very necessary to know the choice of words to use. Learn how to use convincing words in your discussion to get them to have a rethink. Identifying problems and offering solution to it is a very tactical way of networking. 

3. Reaching out to old customers: 

Periodically go back to your lapsed customers list, those that haven’t done business with you in a very long while, and reach out to them through emails, text, calls. You can begin with lead magnets, offering them discounts or promotion if they would patronize you ones again. 

4. Discounts and promo: 

Never underestimate the power of incentives. You can always lure new customers to your business by making discounts and promo offers available. These offers can be in the form of getting a free item if they purchase a certain amount, getting a certain amount off their purchase if they are able to purchase up to a specific quantity of that item, making promo codes available, black Fridays, discounts for first purchases, and so many. This is also a way to take lead of what your customer has shown keen interest in acquiring, what kind of offer they are quick to grab on. Knowing this will leave you with the necessary follow up message you can adapt for your customers.

5. Use your website as marketing tool: 

Your website has a major role to play in your quest for customers. A lot of people seem to visit the internet and when they do, they would probably stumble upon your website, this is why the need to keep your website looking very professional is necessary. While keeping it professional, ensure that the designs tell about about the professionality, ensure you make the site user-friendly and it loads well for customers with even slow internet. Majorly work on your SEO, let the people looking for what you do find you easily. Create landing pages for specific services and promote them on your website.