By conjecture, one can agree that the hardest part of saving is actually starting it. A lot of people aren’t good when it comes to saving even though they would really like to cut down on the expenses they make. You might have the intention of saving but you wouldn’t know how to go about this. Most times saving can begin small and then would finally increase, but consistency is a required skill in this. In the tips below, you would learn how to save more often if you follow the tips. 

Start with Budgeting: 

We all have money goals but our financial future comes first that’s why we save up and make budgets for our spending. It is very important for is to find out what our  priorities are as this would help channel money to priorities only, hence, save more by cutting down unnecessary expenses. 

Understanding where your money goes:

Compare your expenses and your income, this should also be a criterion in determining your spending habit. It is recommended you save up at least 10-15 percent of what you earn, and if you can’t do so, then you have to consider cutting off some extra expenses. What takes the most from your finances. In Nigeria Feeding tops the list of the biggest outflow, what is it for you. When you identify your cash flow it will be easy to know where to cut from to have enough to save.

Is that Purchase a Want or a Need:

Understanding and differentiating between your wants and your needs is something very important and effective way to save. Your want is what you crave for which is not a necessity for your survival, but your need is necessary for your survival. Once you understand this, you would be able to know when and what to spend on. If the purchase is a need can it be differed to the next month, if it can wait why do it now. You have to be intentional about your expenses if not they will keep growing with your income.

Have a Goal you are saving towards and an income saving goal:

Setting a goal in almost that we do is very important because we become accountable to ourselves in doing so. When we want to save successfully, it is advisable we set a goal. Start by knowing what you are saving for and you can set a particular amount you wish to save up to and save monthly or daily, say 15% of every income. You can start by setting small achievable goals and then enjoying the reward. Are you saving towards retirement, a new house or relocation.

Use Savings Apps: 

The best way to save is to keep the money away. It’s not safe leaving money in your account in the name of saving things will come up that will make you save it. The best way to save is to use saving fintech apps that will give you interest on your money and not deduct from it like the banks. If you are in Nigeria you can use Piggybank, Cowrywise etc.